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About Our Company

     We were a top rated A+ general contractor and custom pool builder from 2011 until 2021.
In 2021 during the covid-19 pandemic we decided to make a change. Soaring construction costs and a material and labor shortage changed the industry. We decided to take a break from construction and explore other business ventures until things stabilized. One thing we noticed is that when things returned back to normal the costs did not go down as expected. Swimming pools were now costing well over 30% higher than previous years and increased interest rates forced many people to abandon their dream of owning a swimming pool for their family. This is when we decided to create a better DIY resource program to completely offset the inflation cost of current swimming pools. This program allows people to once again revisit the idea of a dream oasis in their backyard.

With DIY programs offered by other companies, it's apparent that there are gaps in the system. Many other companies make subcontractors PAY to be on their recommended lists. Most companies are about the money and where they can get kickbacks from. We felt (and know from experience) you can't always get the best workers if they need to to buy their jobs. The reality is, if the workers are good they are rarely looking for work and don't need to buy referrals. We only provide a vetted list of top rated reputable contractors to ensure you have a positive experience throughout your build. Sometimes, even the most seemingly small pieces of information can make a big difference on what to expect on a project. Things like, who backfills the trenches, who is responsible for cleanup, who sets the elevation for proper yard drainage. There are many items people think one subcontractor is supposed to do but isn't typical in the pool industry to facilitate the following sub. If a homeowner isn't taught what to expect at each stage of the project then a subcontractor gets accused of not completing their task and relationships deteriorate. We feel it necessary to fully educate our clients every aspect of the business. You will leave our program with more construction knowledge than most big named pool companies. We want to fully educate you, not just on the construction process but the science of materials. Sometimes a choice needs to be made, longevity vs looks. There are so many things to consider, and pros and cons to each. Only armed with knowledge can a person make informed decisions on their project that will lead to a positive experience for many years to come without regretting if something was missed.

The reality is, DIY pool projects are becoming increasingly popular and as many as 1 out of 5 pool permits issued by city municipalities are owner/builder these days. Don't be intimidated, It's easier than you think with the right guidance. Call and find out if this program is right for you.                                           
                                                        You won't be disappointed.

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