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Our Philosophy on Infloor Cleaning Systems

Though this philosophy may seem in contradiction to most pool company views, we look at everything from an engineering standpoint.
We pride ourselves on helping you create larger and more exquisite pools while removing as many potential failure points as possible.  Simple elegance is what we promote.

Scientific American magazine reports that roughly 30% of pools develop leaks over time.  The most common leakage points are the in pool fittings. Every cleaning head in an infloor system has as many as 6 glue joints underneath the pool.  Each pool has 17 to 25 heads on average.  That means as many as 150 potential failure points.  

In addition, concrete and plaster do not truly adhere to PVC, which is the make up of the cleaning heads.  What this means is that different thermal expansion rates between the PVC head and the concrete shell can lead to seepage around the heads and moisture buildup under the pool.  This moisture can then lead to a myriad of structural and costly problems including premature interior finish delamination failures.

Our experience has shown us that individuals with pools in the 100 foot perimeter range often complain about the poor efficiency of the infloor system.  Most smaller pools have a greater elevation angle on the pool bottom, aiding in the sweeping of debris to the center drain. However, in larger pools, the floor is generally less sloped and with the increased surface area, there are often more missed areas.  This is why you do not see any large resort swimming pools with infloor cleaning systems!

We encourage you to spend your money on beauty!  For the same cost of an infloor cleaning system, you can make your pool 15% larger, raise a wall and add water features. A firepit seating area can also be constructed for the same cost! Sometimes, customers are shocked at what can be added to their project by putting the same money elsewhere.

However, we have installed many trouble free infloor cleaning systems and can still incorporate this system in your pool if you still desire. Some people absolutely love them. We just try and educate our customers on the pros and conns of any products related to your project.

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