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Pool Building Process

Design & Layout

  Be your own contractor

A swimming pool is one of the easiest and most straightforward construction projects that can easily be managed by the average person if given the right guidence. 


The general process begins with the design and layout. This is the fun part where we can play around with the shape and size of your pool until you are happy! They are designed right in front of you with your input to create a one of a kind showpiece. 


At this point, any required walls will be removed for access. The excavation company will dig the swimming pool and set the forms outlining the shape to prepare for the other subcontractors.  Though we always hope for the best, we also plan for the worst.  Please read our section about hard digs so that you can be prepared for any eventuality when it comes time to start digging your swimming pool.


The plumbers will install all of the equipment and plumbing fixtures for your pool according to the proper specifications. We recommend Pentair pool equipment as we have found it to be top of the line and the company has excellent customer service workers and technicians should the need for them ever arise.  The plumbing work will be put under a pressure test at this time for several days to ensure that there are no leaks or issues of any kind.


The rebar is the metal structural grid used to strengthen the shell of your pool.  It will be installed based on engineered specifications.


The electricians will now go in and properly bond and ground the pool to your equipment, as well as get all systems ready to energize. 

At this point, you will be ready for your pre-gunite (shotcrete) inspection.


The shotcrete composes the structural shell of your pool. This is the most important step in the the process, which is why you need to be extremely careful in the selection of our shotcrete company.
There is no required inspection on the thickness of the shotcrete. You may have heard horror stories of rebar rust bleeding through the interior finish.  This is due to a installer's inability to maintain proper coverage over the rebar. Picking a reputable company is key here.


This is where your pool really starts to show its beauty.  The waterline tile, raised walls, coping and water features are installed at this time.


Once pool safety barriers have been installed to meet local code requirements, your final inspection is called in.  This gives the go ahead to install your interior finish and fill with water.

At this time, a pre-plaster scrape and prep will be done.  This will ensure proper adhesion of the interior finish which will be applied directly to the shotcrete, waterproofing your pool.  An acid wash will follow the next day, allowing you to begin filling with water.

Decking & Landscape

Any additional decking and landscape features can begin to be installed to complete the outdoor space and really bring the vision to life.

Start Up

Once the water has reached the waterline tile, we will come out and get your pool up and running.  We can then give you hands-on instruction for equipment operations.

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